Why Does Red Hair Color Fades Quickly, Along With 5 Excellent Tips To Prevent It!

Red hair color fades

Red hair is an absolute stunner, whether it’s fiery, lively, gloomy, or delicate. It’s the eye-catching hair color that never goes out of style, yet it’s also the most difficult to preserve. There are a variety of red shade alternatives to help you give your desired look, from auburn to burgundy hair, from standouts to specific colors – choose your right fit.

We understand that redheads would like to know how to maintain red hair color after they’ve attained their preferred final look. Whether you’re dying your hair red for the very initially or have had a signature auburn red hair color for years, the ultimate goal is visually shiny and healthy-looking hair.

With this blog, you have got to know why red hair fades quicker, along with some tips on how to maintain red hair. 

Why Red hair color fades faster? 

Before delving into the purposes why red hair dye fades faster than other alternatives and steps you can achieve to maintain it for a more extended period of time, it’s essential to understand the chemistry of hair coloring.

But believe me when I say that with a bit of tender loving care as well as a few color care pointers, you’ll be in love with your red hair dye.

Dyes lift the cuticle of your hair when you dye it. Once it’s opened, the dye molecules enter the hair cortex, which is willing to take responsibility for the pigmentation of your hair. The color remains for up to 6 weeks until the molecules are washed away.

Red hair color, unlike other colors, is composed of tiny molecules. They are more easily separated by water and shampoo due to their size. Furthermore, UV, chemicals, and cruel hair care products can easily break down those small red color molecules.

So, this is why red hair dye fades quickly. 

Tips to keep your red hair vibrant

Some tips to keep your red hair vibrant – 

Don’t wash your hair for 48 hours after coloring. 

When you reveal your color-treated hair to moisture, you risk losing pigment. Your hair cuticle requires to close and remain shut, particularly after coloring. When dying your hair, the general rule is to wait 24 hours before rinsing it. However, red hair dye takes a bit longer. After going red, wait a minimum of 48 hours before washing your hair.

Use cold showers instead of hot showers. 

The temperature of the water that you use to wash your hair has a significant impact on how quickly your color starts to fade. To keep your red hair vibrant, take cold showers instead of hot showers. The hair cuticle becomes more permeable when using hot water, allowing the color to escape. So, you should try to make it cool in order to prevent your hair. 

Use the right shampoo and conditioner to prevent your hair from fading 

Even though it is simpler and less costly to continue using the conditioners and shampoos you used before coloring your hair, they will no longer be capable of caring for your hair.

You must use products specifically designed for colored hair. These are frequently referred to as “color safe” products.

This is due to the differences in content between regular and color-safe types. The color-safe products include sulfates, which can strip your hair’s dyes, whereas the latter contains proteins, amino acids, anti-oxidants, anti-fading agents, and UV protectors, all of which assist in maintaining the liveliness of colored hair.

Adopt some healthy hair tips 

Color retention is improved in healthy hair. As a result, it is critical that you invest time and effort in maintaining the health of your hair. You should test and monitor your hair condition on a regular basis.

It is not a bad idea to treat it with hair masks on a regular basis. They usually include a combination of moisturizing additives, softeners, and strengtheners to maintain your hair in good condition.

You should also preserve a well-balanced and nutrient-dense diet. Use supplements if you are deficient in specific vitamins.

Consult your hair stylist every 4-6 weeks 

Consult a professional colorist, such as Greg Decker Hair, is the best investment you can make, and how frequently you visit your colorist for touch-ups is something you should decide together. It is essential to consider how quickly your hair is growing and the amount of root regrowth you prefer, but every 4-6 weeks is a good range.

To wrap it up! 

There are lots and lots of red hair dyes to select from, whether you want auburn hair, burgundy tresses, or your other favorite red hair color. Once you’ve decided on the beautiful hair color for you, it’s time to find the best and most experienced hairdresser to control your hair coloring requirements. You can put our 5 pointers on how to prevent red hair dye from fading to use now and maintain your red hair as fiery when you get it.

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