What is Permanent Hair Dye? Covering the Basics & Everything Beyond!

Permanent Hair Dye

When you’re feeling uninspired or just want to change things up, a hair makeover can be just what you need. Choosing a new hair color is an excellent way to switch things up!

Choosing a permanent hair color is essential if you are confident in the shade. And are you prepared to fully commit to your new hue? The best approach for getting a rich, long-lasting color is permanent hair color. 

Everybody has a different list of justifications for coloring their hair, which can include anything from changing the tone of your hair to covering up gray areas. While not everyone has the same set of requirements, there is always one thing in common: requirements for beautiful hair color.

We know that the idea of using a permanent hair dye can be intimidating. But under the care of a best hairdresser, it doesn’t have to be! So, let’s find out the basics of permanent hair color, how to get it, how long it lasts, and further details. 

What is a Permanent Hair Color? 

Permanent hair dye is the longest-lasting option available. It functions by changing the structure of your hair’s natural pigment through interaction. Permanent hair color is composed of tiny transparent molecules that are colored. 

They penetrate the hair cuticle with ammonia, but the real magic takes place when they incorporate hydrogen peroxide, resulting in a chemical reaction called oxidation. 

Permanent hair dye particles get complicated after oxidization and can embed themselves into the structure of the hair fiber, resulting in permanent hair color.

It may cause a slight change in the texture of the hair because it opens up the cuticle and takes longer to sit on the hair.

How To Choose The Best Permanent Hair Color? 

Make sure you choose a shade of permanent hair dye that you will be happy with before applying it because once applied, it is difficult to take out. If you’re not sure about the best hair dye for you, you can consult with an expert color specialist who can make personalized recommendations. 

You can also schedule a virtual consultation with Greg Decker Hair – he is the best hair colorist in Houston. Throughout the consultation call, he will take into account your hair care needs and personal preferences to help you select the best permanent hair color. 

How Long Does Permanent Hair Color Last? 

Despite its name, permanent hair dye is not actually permanent. So what is the duration of permanent hair color? Approximately four to six months, based on the product and the method of application. The problem is that it could be longer or shorter, depending on a variety of other factors.

When salons or products claim that their permanent dye lasts 4 to 6 months, they mean that your hair is most saturated with color during that time period. Beyond that, color will remain, but due to factors such as heat and sunlight exposure, it may fade or become flat.

Remember that hair grows out, and many people who dye their hair overlook regrowth upkeep. The best time to retouch it is after the six-week mark if you’re not into roots. 

Does Permanent Hair Color Damage Your Hair?

Permanent Hair Color Damage Your Hair

There is some complexity to the answer to this question, which is frequently asked. Though there are a few things to consider to make sure your hair stays healthy, permanent hair color is generally not harmful to hair.

The most important thing to remember is to use high-quality colorants at all times. Often, low-cost colorants include harsh chemicals that can harm hair. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you color your hair frequently, it may become harmful, and colorant may strip away the natural oils in your hair. Therefore, using a high-quality hair treatment to help maintain the health of your hair is crucial if you color your hair frequently.

In general, permanent hair dye does not harm hair, but it is still important to consider the factors that may have an impact on hair health. You can keep your hair looking healthy and shiny by using a high-quality colorant and following up with proper care.

To Conclude 

Here’s the wrap on the basics of permanent Hair Color. We have covered the crucial details, right from how long permanent hair dye lasts and how to choose the right shade of hair color. 

However, getting the right shade of hair color is not just enough, you also need to follow the right tips and use the best products to maintain the quality of your hair and to boost the longevity of your hair color. 

If you are looking for professional guidance to choose the right color and your hair color maintenance, then reach out to Greg Decker Hair. He is a leading Houston hairstylist who can understand your preferences and offers the best hair color service. To book your appointment with us, fill up the contact us form right away!

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