8 Trendy Peekaboo Hair Color Ideas & styles in 2024

Trendy Peekaboo Hair Color Ideas

A common starting point for many of our hair color objectives is to highlight. Highlights are the path that leads us to our desired destination, whether they are a perfectly blended blonde hair color idea or a complete color change. When it comes to hair highlight ideas, peekaboo highlights are pretty popular right now.

These colors have been applied in a number of ways, and they are the newest trend to take over our feeds. The innovative placement of this color trend is what makes it so entertaining and distinctive, regardless of whether you wish to add a pop of brighter, bolder color into your original hue or add some extra interest to your updos.

Peekaboo highlights, which are frequently worn below the surface, around the face, or progressively colored from the front to the rear, are a striking, pleasantly unexpected addition to any hair color highlight. 

To get to know about the best peekaboo hair color highlight ideas to spice up your hair, keep reading. 

Black, blonde peekaboo hair color highlights 

Would you like to maintain your favorite black hair while attempting to go blonde hair color idea? You should have golden hair with subtle highlights in this situation. Others will certainly compliment this hairdo due to its complete contrast.

The platinum blonde hair color idea looks chic when worn together with copper-red waves. Make sure to add light pink highlights to your appearance if you want to go a bit overboard!

Cotton candy highlights 

At first glance, you could assume that this cute bob was a stunning bleach-and-tone, but with just a quick toss or flip of the hair, you can see a colorful cotton candy combination popping out from below. To maintain your contrasting tone brilliant and long-lasting, apply high-quality hair color treatments.

Purple & blue blended highlights 

If you’ve got slightly longer hair, this is the highlighted hairstyle for you. The purple and blue accents in this hairstyle are done in incredibly delicate tones. The highlights are done, and half of the area is left hanging loose after being back-combed and collected in a little bun.

Thus, the hair color highlights are applied to the inside second-half section of the hair, which is only visible when the mid-bun is tied. The hairdo finally becomes the focal point of your fashion statement.

Shaded Ombre highlights 

Those with a less colorful personality will look good with this hair color idea. The copper peekaboo highlights are placed in the gaps between the short hair. The market for this hairstyle is females that favor simplicity and less. The color combines with a mellow light brown hair color idea and has a very homogenous appearance. This peekaboo highlight hairstyle draws attention to the back of your hair. If you require styling that can be employed in boardroom discussions, this is your sensible bid. 

Peekaboo highlights on brown hair 

If you’re wondering what colors you can use to complement your dark, lustrous, and healthy hair, we’ve got you covered. As your hidden hair color highlights, you can select blue, lilac, purple, or white strands. Make rich pink peekaboo highlights if you wish to distinguish yourself from the crowd and create a stunning style!

Rainbow peekaboo highlights 

Rainbow peekaboo heighlights

Do you require suggestions for galactic hair? Greetings from the rainbow peekaboo hair color highlights the world! Incredible mysteries can be concealed by the hair’s laconic, dark hair color idea for the upper layer. Our selection of premium peekaboo hair dyes, available in all the colors of the rainbow, can help you transform a basic hairdo into the one that best meets your needs.

Effortless peekaboo highlights 

Your already-existing grown-out highlights will do the work if you want to create the appearance of peekaboo highlights without the expensive maintenance color job. Changing up your parting and creating a faux bob will make it appear as though you had a round of deliberate peekaboo highlights naturally brushing your ends.

Blue peekaboo highlighted hairstyle 

This modest blue peekaboo hairstyle idea is very stunning, and you won’t be able to ignore it. Perhaps everyone should be striving for their hair to be effortless and perfect, just like the artwork does.

In addition to being lengthy and thick, the hair is also highly volumized for any length of hair that wants a departure from the usual highlight hue. For better color visibility, the hair can be styled into waves or curls.

To wrap it up! 

So, here’s a warp of the 8 best peek-a-boo hairstyles that you should know about. If you are looking for something new that defines you very well, then choose the perfect hair color highlight idea for you to get going.

If you are looking for the best look, then reach out to your hair colorist. They will consider your requirements and advise accordingly. To get the best hair-color advice in Houston, reach out to professional hairstylist Greg Decker Hair now, and we will further assist you.

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