Repair Your Natural Curl Pattern With 7 Easy And Accessible Steps!

You’re probably dealing with some seriously fried locks if you’re appreciating your natural curl pattern for the very first time or shampooing your hair after heat-styling for a big occasion. Anyone with naturally curly hair understands that the “sizzle, pop, and hiss” of irons in their hair indicates brittle, dry curly hair that simply isn’t the same afterward.

What, then, is to be held responsible? Harm from heat styling, harsh chemicals like bleaching or relaxers, or dryness, to name a few. Another possibility is that the curl is being dragged down by your hair, which is too long and heavy. 

There are steps you may do to regain your curl, though it is far preferable to prevent your hair from dropping its curl in the first place.

To know more about it, keep reading! 

Consider a hair mask. 

Our hair is composed of protein, specifically keratin. It loses protein when it is damaged, and the cuticle develops holes. Using a protein curly hair treatment to replace broken hair assists in strengthening the hair, filling in the gaps, and bringing back the curls that have been lost.

Choose a natural hair mask to rejuvenate your hair; it works wonderfully. For more protein and keratin for your hair, try combining an egg, avocados, virgin olive oil, some coconut milk, and a squeeze of honey. After some time, rinse it off with cool water.

Trim the damaged curly hair 

Getting a haircut to remove heat-damaged hair is among the finest ways to enhance the general well-being and appearance of your hair. You can either start the recovery process by chopping off the ends, or you may wait until new hair begins to grow in. 

Don’t forget to maintain those ends and cut breaks as necessary. Trimming damaged curly hair will make your curl pattern seem better and will even improve the health of your hair. 

Stay away from coloring! 

Heat isn’t the only cause of fried hair. Chemical effects, including perms, dyeing, or bleaching curly hair treatments, can seriously affect the hair shaft and cause hair damage.

It’s advisable to put off dyeing your hair if it seems dry curly hair, fried, or injured for the time being, particularly if the coloring calls for bleach. To give your hair time to recover and grow out before you require additional curly hair treatment for damaged curly hair if you continue to color it, think about dying it a shade or two closer to your original color.

Think about receiving treatment for damaged hair while you’re at the curly hair stylist chair. Although they can be expensive, the effects on your hair are frequently profound.

Stay in the shower a little longer! 

Start styling your hair in the shower if you don’t already. To lock in moisture before using style products, naturally curly hair requires a significant amount of water. Starting the styling process in the shower will ensure that your hair absorbs lots of water and maintain the bouncy, frizz-free curls you desire.

Additionally, avoid over-shampooing your hair, which will rob it of its natural oils. Your scalp naturally creates oils that are required to maintain the balance and health of your hair.

For your hair, use the appropriate, high-quality shampoo and conditioner. Following wash and conditioner, you should rinse your hair with cold water to gently seal the cuticle and preserve moisture in the hair.

Use the right products! 

Use the right product for your curly hair

Not all styling products are created equal. Use style solutions that offer hydration as well as restorative elements to treat damage when catering to fried or damaged curly hair. To prevent harm to your strands, use hair care products that are high in humectants, moisturizers, glycerin, and ceramides. 

Hydrolyzed keratin-based products help restore elasticity and gloss to damaged hair. Another potent component to search for is sweet almond oil, which has a wealth of vital nutrients and omega-fatty acids which not only cure the hair but also encourage new growth. 

These are some of the nutrients that are crucial for healthy hair, enabling you to cure and style your natural curly hair when it becomes damaged.

Avoid heat to your hair. 

Let me begin by emphasizing that heat is not your opponent. However, improperly applied heat has the ability to permanently harm your hair. 

Your best option is to take a vacation from using your hot tools if you believe that using too much heat is to blame for your lifeless curls. Giving your mane the rest of the heat style it sorely needs is the ideal moment right now.

Your curls might simply require a vacation from routine style if they simply won’t cooperate. For a few days or weeks, you can postpone curly hairstyles with the heat every day by arranging them in a protective style like braids or twists.

Get protection even from the environment 

All hair types are susceptible to damage, irrespective of texture. Numerous physical, biological, and environmental elements can harm your hair. Unbelievably, even severe weather conditions like intense sun, wind, and cold can harm the hair cuticle. 

Applying for protection before leaving is crucial if you want to avoid more harm to your locks from the sunlight, chlorine, and salt water. This is true whether you plan to spend the day at the pool or beach or even if you’re just going out for brunch or a casual meeting.

To wrap up! 

So, here’s a complete wrap of the 7 best ways to repair your natural curl pattern after damage to your hair. 

Everyone has different hair, so although it might just take your buddy a few weeks to see their curls back to their glorious past, you could have to wait sometime. Cutting out your affected hairs is the quickest method to notice results. But if you stick with it over time, you’ll be delighted with gorgeous curls just in time.

If you are looking for further expert assistance from the best, then reach out to the best curly hair stylist like Greg Decker Hair. He will understand your requirements and offer the best-in-class guidance. 

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