Oribe combines creativity, functionality, and years of styling expertise from the pinnacle of the publishing and salon industries to produce the benchmark in hair care. ORIBE has a wide range of products available that too free from sulfate, paraben, gluten, cruelty. It is vegan and offers safe keratin treatment.

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Davines is a brand that represents high-quality, sustainable products. The manufacturing of its products are based on the most advanced research backed by sophisticated tools & equipment.

The product you get here are the perfect blend of beauty, ethics & sustainability.


Keratin Complex changed the beauty business by combining recognized keratin science with cutting-edge technology to provide a new approach to care for your hair. As a result, they’ve paved the way for hair that’s healthy, smooth, and frizz-free.

It is the most popular product line among salon professionals. Its exclusive Keratin-infused solutions remove frizz, repair damage, strengthen and soften hair for undoubtedly healthy results.


Olaplex’s products are somehow exceptional & unique. It is because of one magic element in it. That element is the Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate component.

It enables professionals to achieve new heights in color and care. Hair wasn’t just healthier; it had a whole new look – blondes looked brighter, brunettes looked more luminous, and redheads looked more lively.


The R+Co products deliver an intuitive experience. The packaging and scents were created to improve the experience by evoking a sense, place, flair, or attitude.

Its award-winning product line has unique components and advantages that give fast, effective results. All the products are color-safe, heat and UV protective, vegan and free from hazardous substances like parabens and sulfates.


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