How To Prevent Hair From Anti-Aging For A Healthy Scalp?

how to prevent hair from anti-ageing for a healthy scalp


Day in day out, year on year, we work our lives to make that happen to the finest. Experiences, successes and accomplishments all take place at a time. We also feel that our beauty has changed as we stop to dwell on challenges and victories. The scalp displays vulnerability and dullness, while the hair becomes bland and uninteresting as age starts showing its symptoms.

Which changes women faces during aging?

Women are realizing that their scalp and hair suffer the impact of time almost as well as their skin and that retaining the quality of the hair is a critical feature of young people’s overall look. They note significant alterations in their hair as they step into their 30s, 40s and even beyond.

To maintain your healthy hair

And still, we are seeing the symptoms of aging hair falling on more violently with the pressures of everyday life, and the outward violence of noise and exposure to sunlight. That is why six dimensions of aging scalp and hair have been established by Kérastase and a clinically advanced, caressing extravagant hair care system which leads to the healthy scalp which has been developed to treat them with desirable assets. The Chronologist tackles these questions head-on. We, at Azur Salon, offer a wide range of hair treatments suitable for your hair.

What leads to an unhealthy scalp?

Sebum development and reusable cells demonstrate hormonal changes, whereas decreased production of hyaluronic acid and collagen renders the skin wrinkled.  It is an awkward collection of conditions that can be overcome with the aid of proper treatment. The fibers grow brittle and rough, making the hair more vulnerable to corrosion. The hair follicles and size are diminishing, resulting in reduced hair density.

Why go for Kerastase’s Chronologiste Range?

In specialized formulations of Kerastase’s chronologiste range that deliberately address each of the six symptoms of aging, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and abyssine are present. In a collection of items that work together to return the hair to its previous resilience and guard against the impacts of time, the Chronologiste selection is introduced. It is enriched with sensory substances and enlightening scents that offer women the most beautiful hair today, tomorrow and forever.

The Anti-Aging Outstanding Routine For Hair And Scalp.



For complete scalp relief and revitalization of aging hair, undergo this 20-minute, 6-step throughout hair care.

Identify your hair:

Is the aging of the scalp and hair the primary problem? Are you searching for tired and damaged hair to be revitalized? Then identify your hair scalp properly and then look for solutions accordingly.

Make it clean thoroughly:

With Bain Régénérant Shampoo, shower the hair frequently or administer the Pré-Cleanse Régénérant Hair Scrub to wet or dried hair in segments and add a little water to the moisturizer.  Then wash your hair once, gently and thoroughly.

Treat the hair adequately:

Apply the hair mask from roots to ends in pieces, spinning each portion. Then massage your hair correctly to nourish it and render it new and vibrant. Leave-in for five minutes and then apply water to the scalp and hair, moisten and relax.

Add up a primer:

Add Thermique Régénérant Blow Dry Primer drops, running around roots and ends for hair anti-aging that keeps the scalp and hair safe.


After going through this entire process of identifying, cleansing and treating, go for an appropriate styling according to your needs to rock the outing.

Oiling the hair:

Add up 1 or 2 fragrance-in-oil boosters and operate for an enticing smell and anti-aging of hair which nourishes the scalp through all the lengths and edges.

Wrapping up.

Give your hair an excellent and full Chronologiste routine that combines sophisticated luxury technologies and special conscious stimulation. This therapeutic procedure, from the scalp to the ends, absorbs both hairstyles.

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