Get Back To Old Hollywood Waves With Our 5-Step Easy Tutorial

Old Hollywood Waves

Vintage classics will never go out of hairstyle trends! We’ve accepted that everything that was once old will become fresh again. But there are also those vintage fashions that, despite not being in style right now, make us pause every time we see them.

Hollywood waves hairstyle is one of these popular ones. What distinguishes Hollywood waves from other wavy hairstyles? Hollywood waves include three essential elements: a deep side parting, large, soft curls, and, of course, tons of shine. They are inspired by the legendary Hollywood actresses who walked the red carpet during the classic golden age. 

Do you want to learn more about it? In this step-by-step lesson, we’ll show you how to create perfect Hollywood waves. 

Here’s a 5-Step Tutorial to Get Hollywood Waves Hairstyle- Taking you back to that old Hollywood day! 

Step 1: Prep Your Hair First 

The very first thing before getting started with your old Hollywood hairstyle, you need to prep your hair properly. Apply volumizing heat protection to damp hair before beginning to blow dry. Always use a heat protection product before blow drying or curling your hair. Use a cream or other lightweight anti-frizz product to smooth any frizz on the mid-lengths and ends. 

Step 2: Section your hair & blow-dry like a pro.

After you are done with the prepping, blow dry your hair and section it off expertly with a tail comb to achieve the side-swept look. After that, section your hair with a comb from front to back, clipping the front pieces for the time being. It gives the hair a suitable setting and makes additional styling significantly simpler. 

Step 3: Let the curling & uncurling process begin!

Hair curling

Next, take two-inch portions of your hair and begin curling them about two inches from the base of your hair. Curl the hair segment around the curling wand while maintaining it at an angle (clockwise for your right side, counterclockwise for your left). After holding your curl for 15 seconds, let it gently uncurl from the wand.

Quick-Tip: If your hair is straight, you can clip your curls to give them more durability as you work your way through each part. Repeat this method until you’ve finished your entire length for your old Hollywood curls. 

Step 4: Let your hair cool down! 

After your hair has had a chance to cool for a moment, take your brush and start gently combing through your curls. Don’t worry, this will not undo all of your hard work. If you go gently and in huge chunks, you will likely see those curls bouncing up but into bigger, more voluminous old Hollywood waves. 

You can always consult a professional hairstylist to help you with the whole process of styling to make the look more structured and professional. 

Step 5: Secure this old Hollywood hair with a spray and you are ready to own your red-carpet look. 

And, last but not least, give your iconic old Hollywood curls a thorough spritzing with the appropriate Hold Spray to guarantee they remain the same throughout. With this, you can achieve your incredibly glamorous, vintage-inspired waves in just 5 easy steps! Aren’t you loving this fantastic look? Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead with your amazing dress and make-up to make heads turn.

To conclude 

In conclusion, achieving this beautiful Old Hollywood Waves is not only achievable but also surprisingly simple and quick with the right approach. 

By following these five steps – from prepping the hair to using the curling iron technique, brushing out the old Hollywood glamorous hair, and setting the style – you can transform your look into an amazing hairstyle that makes heads turn and speaks sophistication.

Whether you are eyeing a special occasion or just looking to incorporate a touch of vintage sophistication into your everyday style, this Old Hollywood hairstyle allows you to channel the iconic glamor of Hollywood’s golden era effortlessly. 

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