6 Best Long Hairstyles for Thin Hair in 2024!

Long Hairstyle for Thin Hair

We can all agree that it might be difficult to style lengthy hair. Furthermore, having thin hair makes styling it even more challenging. Thankfully, you may flaunt your long, thin hair in plenty of elegant long and thin hairstyles.

Whether you’re willing to utilize a curling iron and hairspray or prefer something low-maintenance, we have alternatives for everyone. This blog will go through the 6 finest hairstyles for long thin hair. Let’s dig down and find the best haircut and hairstyle trends for long thin hair. 

For straight hair, use light layering

One of the simplest ways to transform long, straight hair into something more intriguing is by lightly layering it.

In contrast to having hair that is all the same length, professional hairstylist Greg Decker says that mildly layered hair will have a few more layers added for mobility. After applying the light layering technique, your hair will still be a blank canvas that you can style in an updo or keep free.

Choppyshag haircut for thin straight hair, use light layering

Choppy shag haircut

If your curls are thinning, a choppy-shag haircut might give you a modern look. Even one-length curls can seem lifeless, but a jagged shag can provide quite extra dimension.

Thin haircuts with a choppy fringe can be used to camouflage thinning hair since they provide additional attractiveness and styling options. The finest haircut for thin hair that highlights the texture of your hair, such as a jagged shag, will give your thinning curls more life.

Feathered Layers and a Deep Side Part


Feathered long hairstyles for thin hair are incredibly traditional, despite their seeming datedness. Feathered layers can add flair, and a deep side part may help to frame the face. Using a round brush to brush your newly feathery parts will promote volume and uplift your hair from the roots.

Side-swept french braid 


Even though thin hair might be challenging to style, this particular hairstyle for long thin hair allows you to show off your lengthy tresses to their fullest potential. You gain an edge and give your hair volume with a side-swept French braid.

You’ll need a texturizing spray, a hairpin, and a curling iron. Create loose waves in your hair using a curling iron, side-part your hair, and remove a section from the area with the most hair. Remember to leave a few loose hairs in the front.

With the hair portion, create a side French braid and slightly stretch it for definition and volume. Finally, fasten the braid with a hairpin.

Buble braids

Bubble braids

Although many methods exist to style long hair, it requires maintenance. This specific braid perfectly masks your lack of hair volume, making you feel like a princess.

Put your hair in a high ponytail and brush it upwards toward the crown.

Depending on the length of your hair and how wide you want the “bubble” to be, tie a hair elastic about every 3 to 4 inches. 

To add fullness, gently pull the hair between two hair elastics. Place hair elastics at progressively smaller intervals until you reach the final two inches of hair.

Beach Waves


Beach waves are a timeless, simple hairstyle that looks well on long, thin hair. Use a heat-protective spray on your hair to produce loose waves by curling parts of it away from your face with a straightening iron or curling iron.

After curling, create a natural, tousled look by running your fingers through the waves. A sea salt spray or texturizing spray can also be used to increase the texture and volume. Beach waves are adaptable and can be polished up for formal occasions or worn effortlessly.

To Conclude

Here’s the complete guide you need to know about styling your long thin hair. If you have long thin hair and you are struggling to style it right as per your face shape and hair condition, then we have covered the 6 best long hairstyles for long thin hair for every need. 

We understand that it is quite difficult to style long hair, but with the right long thin hairstyles, styling tips, and products – you can rock the thin hair hairstyle. The right one will help you stand out from the crowd and make heads turn. 

If you are looking for a professional when it comes to styling your long thin hair, then reach out to the Houston hair stylist for long hair. He will understand your custom hairstyling needs and offer the best tips accordingly.

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