List of Fun “Crazy Hair Day Ideas” to Try Out!

crazy hair day ideas

Do you have an upcoming “Crazy Hair Day” at your camp, school, or community event?  It’s that time of year again at school when you can let your kids’ imaginations run wild and come up with some really wild yet crazy easy hairstyles. It all comes down to being goofy, creative, and showcasing your wild side with the craziest hairstyles.

While it’s a favorite among kids and some parents who are looking to do something creative with their kid, it’s often dreaded by parents who wonder, “What in the world can I do for crazy hair day?!”

That is where we step in to help with the best hairstyle trends for crazy hair day. We’ve compiled an adorable list of Crazy Hair Day Ideas that are sure to inspire you and delight your children. 

So, are you ready to dig down and find out? Then let’s dig down & get started. 

7 Best Crazy Hair Day Ideas to Know About!

Spider crazy Hairstyle

Spider crazy Hair style

One of the simplest crazy hair day ideas for long hair is this spider hairstyle. All you need is a bun (or a doughnut bun roll if you’d like it to fit perfectly) along with some bobby pins.

Thread through some black pipe cleaners to make spider legs, a pom pom for the body, and some eyes. You could use a spider of any color or one with a rainbow of colors to make these spider buns.

Cupcake buns 

Cupcake buns

Cupcake buns are the ultimate sweet treat for a cutesy, wild hair day look. If your child enjoys dessert and wants a whimsical, girly crazy hairstyle that fits her personality, this is the ideal choice. What’s even better is that it’s an extremely easy hairstyle to create.

After dividing her hair into two ponytails, cut a hole in the center of two paper cupcake liners and pull it through. Next, create buns out of the ponytails and fasten them with bobby pins. After that, mist your hair with color to achieve a “frosting” look. Lastly, top each “cupcake” with a pom-pom to make it resemble a cherry.

Christmas Hairstyle look 

Christmas Hairstyle look

A Christmas crazy easy hairstyle makes crazy hair day festive and enjoyable. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to extend the life of your outdated baubles and tinsel tree decorations. It’s also a fantastic choice if your daughter has long, smooth hair that is straight.

Using an empty water bottle as the foundation, create the shape of a Christmas tree. At that point, you could give it a green spray for an even more genuine look. Then, just like you would with a real tree, wind the decorations around the hair.

A watermelon look 

watermelon hair look

If your young child prefers to wear her hair down instead of in braids or a ponytail, watermelon hair is the perfect funky food-inspired style. To achieve the watermelon effect, use the green and pink temporary spray-on colors. Then, add “seeds” to complete the design, which can be either big black buttons or fabric cutouts.

Snowman crazy hair day easy idea 

Snowman crazy hair day easy idea

Another adorable and entertaining choice for this Christmas season is a snowman. The various parts of the snowman’s body can be made with two bun makers, commonly referred to as hair donuts. If your daughter has naturally dark hair, you can give the snowman an icy appearance by using hair chalk in white or silver or a temporary spray-on color. You can also further adorn it with the right accessories to make a structured look.

Unicorn hair day idea

Unicorn hair day idea

With this crazy hair unicorn style, wherein the front sections of the hair are turned into horns using a cardboard or foam cone, little girls who adore unicorns will love having their very own unicorn horn. The colored hairspray gives the crazy easy hairstyle more personality and keeps it in place throughout the play and learning parts of the school day.

Octopus crazy hair day hairstyle

Octopus crazy hair day hairstyle

For children who enjoy sea animals, this crazy octopus hairstyle from Pinterest is a great way to add some fun and creativity to their hairstyle. All you need to give your kids a crazy easy hairstyle look that’s both unique and fascinating is some colored hair spray, wire, googly eyes, and sea creature accessories.

To Conclude 

Crazy Hair Day is the most exciting spirit day for people. It’s an opportunity to switch things up, have fun, and wear your hair in wild and unusual ways. What is not to love?

Crazy hair day ideas range from the simplest, most straightforward looks, like messy buns and braids, to intricate, eye-catching looks, like the snowman, cupcake buns, Christmas hairstyle, or watermelon look. 

Crazy Hair Day may be one of the most entertaining spirit days of the year, and you now have 7 unique and adorable crazy hair day ideas to try out. If you need assistance from the Best hairdresser for your kids’ crazy day out, then Greg Decker can be your best ally for the same. He is an expert hairstylist with 2 decades of experience and can provide the best hairstyling services.


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