Keratin Express Blow Out Treatment: Why You Should Give A Try!

Keratin Express Blow Out Treatment

If your hair is prone to frizz or is dry, it’s time to try a Keratin smoothing treatment. It’s the quickest hair smoothing remedy, so you’ll be sought under an hour!

You can also have your hairdresser offer an add-on service through our color service to seal in color scheme and smooth your hair in just 15 minutes!

A keratin express hair treatment is less expensive, simpler to perform, and an excellent choice for quick spot treatment methods for your hair and problem areas.

It helps to fix frizzy hair immediately, safeguard it from moisture, make it smoother and more defined, and add shine and vivacity to your hair color.

Let’s find out more about this treatment and how it helps you! 

What is Keratin Express Blow out treatment? 

The Express Blowout treatment is the quickest keratin smoothing treatment on the treatment list.

This one-of-a-kind express smoothing gives your hair the keratin boost it needs in only one hour, with outcomes lasting up to six weeks! For those who are new to keratin, this is the go-to hair-softening care.

The keratin express blowout is specially formulated to incorporate your tresses with the most hydrolyzed keratin in the shortest period of time.

This is a special treatment you can opt for, especially if you’re thinking about incorporating fashion colors into your new appearance to avoid fading and reap other advantages.

Benefits of Express blowout treatment.

 keratin smoothing treatment

It offers your hair a textured look. 

Keratin Express Blowout will keep your hair’s surface because it does not sit in your hair for long. It implies it will consider giving your hair the glow and gloss it deserves while not drastically altering its textured look.

If you want to super-smoothen your slightly curly hair, an express touch-up will not suffice.

Infuse your hair with the needed boost 

These treatments, which contain strong components such as hydrolyzed keratin, collagen, and Amino acids, quickly deliver a nourishing mixture of nano keratin and other vital recovery additives to uplift your tresses and make them look extravagantly smooth in no time.

Express keratin treatments help your tresses battle frizz by blocking out humidity and infusing a good quality of micronized keratin into your tresses in the shortest period.

Suitable for all hair types & lengths 

This Express Blow Out treatment is suitable for all hair types and lengths. Its distinctive formula enables it to be introduced to a color service for more lively hair color, gives configurable ends, and produces seamless and desired results. 

It’s one of the best methods for quick spot treatment options for bangs or problem areas in your hair.

How to take care of your hair? 

You must leave the keratin blowout product in your tresses for 72 hours before rinsing it. Throughout that time, you should avoid intense activities that cause you to sweat. 

You should also avoid touching your tresses as much as feasible. Otherwise, kinks will form in your hair if you don’t pull it back and tie it.

To keep the treatment effects going for as long as possible, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. And, if possible, avoid washing your hair frequently for the results to last longer.

When to opt for keratin blowout treatment? 

A keratin express blowout hair is undoubtedly something to think about if:

  • If you really want to consider starting a keratin treatment for the first time but wouldn’t want to devote completely before seeing the outcomes.
  • When you need spot care, such as frizzy bangs, or if your hair becomes puffy in the summer.
  • If you want to fix your tresses and restore their luster while maintaining their natural appearance.
  • When you notice your hair frizzing up again, you still have a few weeks before your planned keratin treatment with your professional stylist.

Wrapping up! 

So, here’s everything you should know about keratin smoothing treatment, right from its meaning and benefits to care for it and even when you should opt for blowout hair keratin treatment. 

However, to get the best-in-class results, consider a professional hair stylist like Greg Decker Hair to get top-notch keratin treatment in Houston. 


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