How To Maintain Your Color-Treated Hair? Check Out The Amazing Tips Here!

Colored Hair Tips

Walking out of the salon with a new hair color might make you feel like you are on top of the world, Right? You know you’re living your greatest hair life when your hair is so alive and lustrous. But, with so many alternatives for upkeep, such as colour treatments, what should you choose to keep that shine and beauty?

Are you still dealing with that question? Keep calm, as we are here to assist you in this!

Changing the color of your hair necessitates a lengthy procedure.

Regrettably, this is completely true. Swelling, lifting, and depositing are three main acts that can be used to color your hair. The pH is raised to cause the hair to expand, allowing the color molecules to penetrate the fiber.

The peroxide in the solution lightens your existing hue, allowing you to subsequently add the color you desire. It then deposits the color into the fiber, changing it into your desired color. As well as changing the color, the procedure alters the strength and feel of the fabric.

Cuticles that have been damaged, follicles that have been broken, and excessive dryness are all serious side effects of the new color you’ve chosen.

We’re not proposing you avoid coloring altogether—how will you get to know the new self if you don’t? You can still get through it if you know how to take care of your coloured hair.

Four coloured hair tips for maintaining it properly!

Color correction shampoo (literally) does the work!
Color strips hair of its natural oils during the same process that alters its color. Colored hair, unlike hair that has never been coloured, is attracted to water and repels oils.

As a result, it absorbs water more quickly and refuses conditioners and oils. The key is to start with a shampoo created specifically to protect color-treated hair that can make coloured hair behave like uncolored hair.

So, for this problem, you can opt for amazing color shampoo from Oribe, which helps you restore those lost oils, attracting the conditioner it so desperately needs. As a result, your conditioner will bring out more effective outcomes for you!

Keep dyed hair healthy with appropriate conditioning & treatments

The Colouring process will significantly damage your hair. To avoid further harm, you must improve your mending skills. But don’t panic; conditioning and treatments have got you covered.

Add an intensive treatment to your weekly schedule in addition to using the appropriate conditioners for the shampoos. Olaplex’s color corrector will thoroughly protect color-treated hair and give your hair the treatment they actually deserve!

In minutes, one dose can help restore severe damage. It’s designed to penetrate deep into the hair shaft while also washing away cleanly with no residue. It restores and revitalizes your hair, bringing it back from the edge of oblivion.

Sulfate-free shampoo

Choose a nutrient-rich sulfate-free shampoo to keep dyed hair healthy if you want to avoid sulfates. If you’re not a fan of sulfates, several sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are on the market.

As a result, pick the ideal one to soothe and protect color-treated hair. Check to see if the product contains nutritious vitamins, antioxidants, and free radicals that prevent damage to your hair. All you need is this to achieve delicate, soothed, smooth, and shinier hair.

Dry shampoo

If you’re unfamiliar with dry shampoo, remember that it is safe to use on coloured hair. While dry shampoos allow you to forgo a wash, they can dull coloured hair.

This is because the brush-out procedure did not entirely eliminate the micro-particles meant to sponge up excess oils.

Don’t worry; dry shampoo’s dulling impact is temporary and may be erased by brushing more or shampooing again. Here is our coloured hair tip – We suggest you to use a dry shampoo that is designed to leave hair appearing clean and fresh.

To conclude –

Coloring your hair is a terrific method to renew your style, whether you enjoy your caramel lowlights, want to attempt a violet style, or just have to polish up those roots.

You can also feel free to experiment with your shades now that you know how to maintain your color-treated hair. And whether you need any guidance or simply want to try on a new hairstyle, we’re only a phone call away to keep dyed hair healthy.

At Greg Decker Hair, we will provide you with the essential consultation with your hair’s right hue to amaze everyone!!!

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