How To Get Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair? Check Out Here!

blonde highlights on dark hair

A hair color scheme of dark hair with blonde highlights has lighter-colored ribbons or pieces of hair, which adds a ton of dimension and depth.

Blonde highlights can be very distinctive with over 50 variations of blonde hair color ideas, varying from massive blonde on chestnut brown hair to mahogany tresses smooched with copper. 

When lightening your hair, choose one tonality that complements your skin complexion and complements a base. As a result, blending blonde and brown hair is best accomplished by an expert using a personalized hair coloring method.

With highlights, there are many different techniques we can use, including frosting, chunking, full head, partial, conventional highlights, and balayage.

In this blog, we will cover how to get dark hair with highlights and everything around it. 

Once you’ve determined your skin tone, you can determine which blonde highlights will look best on you. Brunettes with warm skin colors look great with light copper, golden, or strawberry blondish hair.

How to choose the right tone of blonde highlights for your dark hair? 

Once you’ve determined which blonde hair will look great in your brown hair, you must decide on a style. Choose hues that are a few tones softer than your original shade for a dramatic look.

If you’re not ready to make such a radical shift, pick colors that are three tones lighter or darker than your hair’s natural color, irrespective of your skin color.

After determining what color of blonde hair color ideas to apply to your dark brown hair, you must decide on what look you would like to accomplish. 

When contributing blonde hair to dark brown hair, there are various styles from which to choose. You can select between face-framing standouts that are only applied all over your face and an all-over highlighted look.

5 ways to get blonde highlights on dark hair. 

Curly brown hair with bright blonde highlights.

Curly medium brown hair with blonde hair color ideas complements your natural curls and adds volume to sharper curls. With the medium brown shades, the blonde highlights will generate an assisting impact, improving the glance of your curl sequence and adding unending density to your hair.

Dark golden brown with soft caramel highlights.

Dark golden brown hair with caramel highlights gives your hair a breathtaking dimensional look. Remaining within a few color tiers between your core and highlights generates a beautiful soft, natural appearance.

Make sure the hair is not overly lifted; you need to have some warmness to create a beautiful caramel, and it also saves your hair a little stress.

Various shades of brown hair with blonde shade  

Warmth and visual attention are created by blending three shades of medium brown and attaching some light blonde smudges. This coloring method is preferred by anybody who prefers to maintain their dark brown fullness while incorporating a variety of colors.

Sun-kissed blonde hair color idea.

If you’ve got distance on your edge, this sun-kissed hair is ideal. The purpose of the game is to have light colors hand-painted onto your hair, but only when the sun would instinctually strike it.

These lighter tones will be concentrated mostly in the top layers of the hair, returning to the traditional method of highlighting. If you don’t want to forget the lowlights, keep them relatively dark.

Blonde Ombre shade for dark hair with blonde highlights

With the assistance of those huge, churning waves, this incredibly delicate affair has been made flawlessly glam. A huge round of paint will assist you in effortlessly styling your tresses as you dry them and adding volume with your hair dryer. A great volume-adding mousse will also work miracles, particularly if you need your hair to stay in place.

To get blonde highlights whether to get it at home or at the salon? 

When you’ve decided on the appearance you want, the next step is to determine if you want to apply the highlights yourself or go to a salon. Outlining your tresses for the very first time can be challenging, as it differs greatly from applying color everywhere throughout your head.

You must exercise caution when selecting the pieces to highlight to avoid creating stripes that are too wide. The state of your hair is something else you should think about. You will require bleach if you want to add blonde hair color ideas to dark brown hair. 

Bleach is incredibly detrimental, especially if used repetitively to preserve the appearance. In order to avoid having fried hair that shatters off whenever you brush or comb it, you might want to think about consulting an expert like Greg Decker Hair if your tresses are already destroyed from regular dying.

Greg is professional and has almost 2 decades of experience to help you achieve dark hair with highlights. For more information, contact us now on Greg Decker Hair.

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