How To Easily Maintain Blonde Hair?

Maintain Blonde Hair

Do you have blonde hair? And you are tensed about how to manage it? So, don’t worry as we have got you covered. With the best Kerastase’s Serum Cicanuit and consultation from Azur salon, it is almost seamless to ensure that the fake blonde hair treatment remains smooth and shiny. How much you have got to do is bring it in and go to bed. The hair serum combines the hair mask’s moisturizing strength in an advanced, easy-to-use solution that does not involve washing or drenching.

A few drops of this magical  Serum Cicanuit offers radical nutrient infiltration at nighttime and mysteriously vanishes in the morning—tangle-free, smooth, satin-finished hair, filled with a long-lasting scent that stimulates daytime movement. Serum Cicanuit holds blonde haircare safe and soft right up towards the next outing to the salon with regular overnight use.

Overnight protection offered by serum

Bedtime is an excellent chance to prepare your hair as the usual 8 hours of rest helps nutrients to thoroughly reach and absorb the humidity stolen away throughout the day with styling and environmental exposures. Whereas, Serum Cicanuit defends against external causes that reduce and harm the scalp.

Choosing the ideal pillow: The pillow’s rubbing will damage sensitized hair, rendering the cuticle raw. So, in our recommendation, it is preferable to use a silk pillow. It is a perfect way to minimize stress and secure your fragile blonde hair at night. 

Factors affecting hair – Heating and conditioning systems can create warmer temperatures that dehydrate the hair and minimize moisture in the hair. 

Tie the hair – Sleeping your hair up helps prevent it from nighttime damage, mainly if it is bleached. After adding Serum Cicanuit pull your hair to the top of the head in a loose knot. Comb it for finely preserved hair and smooth, realistic curls in the mornings.

Cozy look: Add 1-2 Serum Cicanuit boosters to dry or wet hair before bed, and make one or two braids. After waking up, cut the braids and shake them free with the fingers. Apply a texture spray to the appearance of an exotic diver teen.

Daily Routine for blonde hair care?

Whatever your blonde: you dare, we take care of you. Blond Absolu offers instant fiber treatment and prompt anti-brass intervention to ensure optimal blondness. Blond Absolu preserves and perfects cool tones by intense ultraviolet oxidizing agents, moisturizes and enhances the hair’s fiber, and obscures the hair from inside. Seek the blonde hair care regimen for your type of blonde hair. There is a different range for each kind. 

  1. Shampoo for all blonde hair types.

shampoo for blonde hair


Hyaluronic Acid shampoo for both blonde hair treatment and ultra-concentrated acid improves hair, avoiding possible hair breakage. Even this shampoo Deeply moisturizes hair fiber and eliminates contaminants and hair build-up for good hair that illustrates beautifully sparkling hair.

  1. Conditioner for all blonde hair types.

conditioner for blonde hair


Hyaluronic Acid Conditioner on all styles of blonde hair tips. This conditioner thoroughly moisturizes hair fibers and immediately improves hair nourishment leading to healthier hair and prevention against hair loss.


You may have just discovered that the right hair transformation to blonde hair care is possible with the right hair products. Go forward, do not wait any more, follow the entire procedure correctly, and take the plunge to a stunning blond mindset this summer. 

For detailed hair care tips and consultation, reach out to our best hairdresser in Houston – Greg Decker Hair 

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