How Platinum Blonde Hair & Icy Blonde Hair Differs? The Specifics Explained!

Platinum Blonde Hair & Icy Blonde Hair

While 2024 has brought many new hair color trends, icy and platinum blonde will always be popular choices. However, these two popular shades can be confusing for many women. Here, we’ll highlight the key distinctions between the two shades of blonde hair color, despite the common belief that they are just variations of the same color. 

The nice thing about these two shades is that you can customize them in a variety of ways, such as with blonde highlights, an icy money piece, and dimensional balayage. So, in order to solve your confusion and help you decide the right shade, our detailed guide can help you out. 

Continue reading for platinum and icy blonde hair inspiration and expert tips to help you understand both shades! 

What is Ice Blonde Hair Color?

 Icy blonde hair color has faint beige undertones and is an extremely light, cool blonde hair color that is as pale as a white blonde color. This high-fashion color has been gaining popularity in recent years.

In terms of brightness, icy blonde hair color is comparable to platinum blonde hair dye, but it places more of an emphasis on ashy tones. This trendy shade of blonde hair color belongs to one of the paler, cooler varieties of blonde. As undertones, it leans more toward blues and purples. 

Overall, it’s an edgy hair color with severe brightness and cool tones that stand out and make heads turn(for sure).

What is Platinum Blonde Hair Color? 

Platinum blonde resembles icy blonde in brightness and paleness, but it has a warmer undertone. It might have a slightly yellow or buttery hue as opposed to an icy blonde’s lack of warmth.

Additionally, platinum blonde hair dye is the palest of all the blondes. Though you can wear it in a variety of ways, its undertones are usually silver, pearl, gray, and ash. It’s usually a warmer tone. To work into a platinum blonde, your hair must be lifted to a level 10. 

How do two popular: Icy Blonde & Platinum Blonde Shades differ from each other? 


Although they are both light colors, platinum, and icy blonde are not the same, even though many people use the terms together. Although platinum blonde is a bright blonde color, it usually has undertones of yellow and is generally warmer. Ashy and cool-toned, this white-blonde hair color frequently appears white or even silver in hue. While there are undoubtedly some similarities between the two, icy blonde is the ashier, brighter shade. 


Ice blonde and platinum blonde are two of the costliest blonde hair ideas to achieve due to the numerous steps required to create the white blonde color. You will need to spend money on numerous salon treatments with professional hairstylists after covering for the bleaching. Ice blonde and platinum blonde hair dye requires a touch-up at least once every four to five weeks. 


Hair Maintenance

Whether you’re platinum or ice blonde, you should spend money on a high-quality purple shampoo to keep the color vibrant and avoid fading.

For ice-blonde hair, blue shampoo is an additional color-enhancing and secure product. For your platinum blonde hair, you may want to use a silver shampoo or mask.  Along with shampoo and conditioner, you ought to prevent utilizing hot water for your hair. For expert tips, you can connect with the best hair colorist who can guide you throughout. 

Skin tone

Both blonde shade variations look best against pale skin.  Ice blonde is best suited to people with light skin tones because it frames the face and highlights the brightness of pale skin. 

Platinum blonde hair dye appears best on people with lighter complexions as well. On women with olive skin or darker skin tones, platinum blonde hair can look stunning. If you have dark complexions, the yellow undertones will add depth to your hair while contrasting with your skin.

To Conclude 

In summary, figuring out the difference between icy blonde and platinum blonde hair ideas is important if you’re thinking about changing your hair color. Icy blonde has cooler tones with a bit of silver, giving a trendy and edgy look. On the other hand, platinum blonde is a timeless and bold choice with a bright blonde-white color.

Throughout this blog, we’ve talked about the small but important differences between these two popular shades. Whether you like the cool vibe of icy blonde hair or the bold elegance of platinum, it’s important to choose the one that fits your style.

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