How Often Should You Wash Your Hair: The Detailed Explained!

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In many of our hair routines, we frequently use heat, bleaching, and color. While using any one of these hair treatments occasionally is OK, frequently combining all three is a surefire way to badly damage your hair. Heat or bleach-damaged hair is not pleasant. It can appear as minor hair breakage or as something far more serious, like a light dusting of split ends.

Knowing how to properly take care of damaged hair is crucial, even for something as straightforward as how often should you wash your hair.

The frequency with how many times a week should you wash your hair is entirely based on your hair type, oil levels, and styling objectives. 

So, if you are looking for a guide on how often you should wash your hair based on hair type and condition from a professional hairstylist, then keep reading! 

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? 

It is recommended to wash extremely damaged hair (hair with breakage, brittle ends, and significant dryness) no more than twice a week. If you are washing your hair every day, then it might be a problem for your damaged hair. Aim for once a week if you can wash your damaged hair once a week without it being too greasy. The best for your damaged hair is fewer shampoo sessions. 

Dr. Rubin claims that finer, straighter hair types typically require more frequent washing than coarser, curlier hair types. However, your scalp and individual hair strands will determine how many times a week should you wash your hair. For example, if you have irritation, flaking, product buildup, greasy sections, or unpleasant odors, consider washing three times each week. 

Reducing the times you wash your hair in a week acts as a hair treatment for damaged hair.

Quick-Tip: Including a dry shampoo for your damaged hair in your routine will help you go longer between hair washes. 

How Long Can You Sustain Without Hair Wash for Your Damaged Hair? 

Damaged Hair

Your hair type and oil production will determine how long you may go between washes. If you have dry, thick, or oily hair, you should only go a week between washes—not because you can’t extend your hair wash day out even farther, but because you really shouldn’t if you want to avoid breakage, dryness, and irritation in your severely damaged hair. 

If you can, attempt to hair wash once a week to keep your scalp and hair strands moisturized. You can go up to 4 days without washing your hair if you have thin, fine hair or a scalp that produces a lot of oil. Therefore, you should have hair wash twice a week if you have this type of hair. 

It’s okay if you need to hair wash less frequently or more frequently for some reason. Yes, your dry shampoo for damaged hair can help with some oil absorption, but it won’t suddenly remove all of the oil or leave your scalp clean. Therefore, you’ll still need to wash your hair often to maintain the health of your scalp and hair.

To conclude 

Determining how often you should wash your hair is a complex question with no universal answer. It varies per person – affected by factors such as your hair type, damage, and preference.

One thing to note is that overwashing fragile hair can contribute to dryness and an increase in breakage. This is because when you wash it frequently, you’re removing the natural oils it needs – causing it to become brittle. But on the flip side, infrequent washing can cause dirt to build up and make it look flat and dull.

So overall, it’s about finding balance; not too much or too little. Your hair will tell you when it needs cleaning – so pay attention. If it feels overly oily or dirty, then prepare for a wash.

When you do wash your hair, using gentle sulfate-free shampoos and following up with a conditioner or hair mask are essential.

Remember that every head of hair is different. So what works for others might not work for you. Keep an eye out for signals and adjust your routine accordingly while remaining patient through the healing process.

For better assistance, you can reach out to a professional hairstylist – who will understand your hair needs and offer solutions accordingly. If you are looking for one, reach out to Gred Decker Hair – the leading Houston hairstylist.

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