8 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Square Faces

square face hairstyle

Consider yourself fortunate if you have a square face. With this square face shape, you probably have attractive features and a carved jawline that others covet.

Square-faced people are also seen to age gracefully and make some of the greatest photographers. But having a square face has its drawbacks, particularly when it comes to hairstyles, for the square face highlights your best features. The ideal haircut for a square face is necessary to draw attention to this stunning feature.

There’s no need to fear if you have a square face; we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of gorgeous hairstyles for face shape that will enhance your appearance. So continue reading!

Side parting look 

The likelihood is that a properly side-parted bang would be beneficial to highlight your square facial shape if you have one. The utilization of short front tresses will give your forehead more volume if your jawline is wider. The front locks finish just below the eyebrows, combed to one side, and the whole hair is styled in a gently layered hairstyle. It is among the simplest hairstyles for a square face shape and medium length.

Layered hairstyle with bounce 

If you have long locks, a broad, springy layer cut for long hair will complement your facial shape well. Along with flowing levels all through the remainder of your hair, ask your hairstylist to begin your initial layer around your chin to effectively flatten your jawline and add volume.

Ask your stylist to blow dry your bouncing sections with the inward curve rather than an outward bend at the edges to make your face look a little bit slimmer.

When blow-drying your hair yourself to style your layers, use a circular brush and work the edges inside towards your face.

Fringes with bob 

Both long and short foreheads look well with this haircut for square faces. You’ll get lots of praise if you wear the fringed hairstyle with a bob like this. Women with straight hair can naturally carry off this hairdo with ease. Apply hair mousse to wet hair before blow drying it to add volume to the bob. Great if it’s messier!

Curly hairs with layers

For your square-shaped face, pairing curls and layers on the long locks will simply shine. It will look amazing when you pair it up with bangs on the side. This layered design emphasizes your square facial shape by starting at the jawline and moving downward.

Textured layered hairstyles can be styled in a variety of ways, such as straight, curly, or beach waves. Start with a heat protective agent and cling spray for dry hair before creating loose waves.

Wrap hair diagonally around with a curling machine while facing away from the face and beginning starting from the front forehead to the rear. Finish by breaking up the waves with a comb and adding texture with a texture spray for enduring style.

Pixie haircut for a square face! 

pixie cut for square face

The soft pixie might be the ideal hairstyle for you if you possess a round to-square face shape, meaning that your face is not exactly square but also possesses a touch of plumpness to it. 

Here, the hair is chopped neatly to the neck, with shorter, multilayered front locks fluffing up the frontal portion of your head. Even the front lock-up can be expanded to a certain extent.

With short hair separated on the side, this pixie cut flatters a square face quite well. You may rock your date evenings or late-night activities with this unique mid-length haircut.

Short length bob 

This is the finest haircut for a square face if your jawline gives you a little bit of anxiety. If you cut your hair below your chin, it will not look proportional to the form of your face. Your face will look softer and be better complemented by the contour of a chin-length bob.

Textured Lob

A textured, unkempt lob is not only stunning, but it also flatters square faces. Choose this mid-length haircut if you’ve got thinner, feather-light fine hair. To achieve this hairstyle, always separate your hair in the middle. You’ll be able to distract some attention of the audience from your jawline in this way (but only if you’re aware of it).


Love having bangs? If the answer is yes, and you’ve finally made the decision to get fringe, we advise keeping them subtle and textured instead of big and sharp. If you want bangs for a square-shaped face, use a thin part and avoid blunt or heavy styles. If your bangs are a little longer than average and the lines are broken, adding structure and lightness, it will emphasize the look even more.

To wrap up! 

So, here’s a wrap of 8 best hairstyles that would look great on square-shaped faces. We hope you have found this blog helpful in accentuating your square face shape. Every face shape comes with its own set of uniqueness, so instead of cribbing about your face shape, find the hairstyles and haircuts to make heads turn.

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