10 Hairstyles For Christmas That You Consider This Holiday Season!

Christmas holiday hairstyle

The holiday season is the optimum opportunity to experiment with a festive new look that you might not otherwise wear. 

The right holiday hair is all you really need to stand out and call it Christmas eve when you have a crowd of your loved ones around you and quality time to spend with your family. There is a Christmas look for you, whether you’re feeling like a throwback ponytail, a traditional chignon bun, or a simple half-up style.

The good news is that you can achieve one of our favorite pretty hairstyles for Christmas without going to a salon. A little styling advice and aesthetic inspiration go a long way.

Gather your loved ones, play some holiday music, and scroll down to see and get encouraged to try something new right away. Let’s get started and find out the ideal for you as per your needs and style. 

10 Holiday hairstyles that you should know about! 

Fun Bubble braids 

Simple ponytails or traditional plaits are given a playful twist by bubble braids, which are also incredibly simple to make yourself. To prevent frizz, prep your hair with a light-style lotion before slicking it back into a ponytail. Then, using elastics spaced a few inches away, tie your pony, stretch and pull at each portion with your fingertips.

Tousled hair 

Are you going to a Christmas dinner with pals or are you first meeting the parents? Not to worry! We’ve got your back. This messy curly hair hairstyle makes a statement while also giving off the ideal hairstyle idea that makes you stand out from the crowd. To keep your style’s bouncy appearance, set your hairstyle with adaptable hairspray.

Swept Back bob 

swept back bob hairstyle for christmas

You didn’t think about hairstyle for short hair for a Christmas party was conceivable, did you? Enjoy this quick and simple party look after that. Blow-dry your hair away from your face to achieve the swept-back effect, and then secure your look with a liberal spritz of hairspray. What more do you require than this out-of-the-box appearance?

Twisted ponytail 

Looking for a party-ready hairdo that looks great from both the front and the back? Well, this amusing, twisted ponytail is the best there is. This exquisite hairdo, which includes 4 half-up twists and textured, tousled waves, will have you gleaming dazzling this Christmas!

Top Bun 

This is the ideal Christmas hairdo for those “Twixmas” in-between days, proving that hair up needn’t be difficult or fussy. By spraying a dressing brush with hairspray and using it to draw your hair into a high ponytail before pinning it in place, you can keep the look sleek and shining. Those jutty-out edges keep the bun appearing fresh, not ugly, so don’t worry about being overly neat.

The perfect blend of Ponytail-Updo 

With this ponytail-updo fusion, you’ll look and feel like a vintage Christmas angel. Start by half-up doing your hair and fastening it with a transparent elastic. After that, add the remainder of your hair to the half-up style and tie the two together with a thin ribbon.

A side parting always works 

For hairstyles for short hair, this swept-over, pinned-back style steals the show. Make a deep side part first, then draw one side back behind your ear and fasten it with a shiny slide or sparkling clip. This looks great on people who have bobs or U-shape haircuts that are shorter at the front. To keep it appearing clean and contemporary, use your straightening irons to brush out the tips on one side.

Chignon style hairstyle for Christmas

For a formal Christmas dinner, this chignon style is ideal, and it will drastically improve your appearance with just a few straightforward steps. Use your curling iron to add just a few curls to your hair, then the appropriate mist spray to set them. Put your hair up in a low bun and secure it with pins. To outline your face, pull out a few pieces in the front.

Add some glitter 

A glamorous Christmas hairdo will always look great with something glittering, like a braided updo interwoven with gold and diamond chains. If you don’t already have any diamond jewelry stashed away in the family safe, adding some dazzling ribbons or an old chain necklace will give your bohemian plait a more upscale feel. Lock hair in a mid-ponytail, affix the decoration of your choice, and loosely plait the rest of the hair.

Keep it simple & natural.

Keep smile on christmas

Want a cute natural hairdo to get you in the Christmas spirit? One of the finest ways to do this is with this fake bang natural updo. To create the ideal style for this Christmas, organize your locks into a pouf, separate some curls in the front to form fringes, and pins in place.

To wrap up! 

Christmas is the happiest time of the year, where we just crave to spend some quality time with our loved ones and want to look the best while also enjoying it to the fullest. So, you need to opt for a hairstyle that’s easy, comfortable and also suits you the best! 

Here’s the top 10 hairstyles that you can consider to jazz up your Christmas season and look the best. Consider the time required, hair length, face shape, hair type, place, and people you are celebrating with in mind, to choose the holiday hair accordingly. 

If you are confused about choosing the right one, reach out to Greg Decker Hair  and he will guide you in choosing the right one. No matter which one you will choose, just don’t forget to keep the Christmas spirit high and spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

Happy Holidays! 


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