10 Effortless And Chic Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Hairstyle for wavy hairNormally wavy hair is among the most attractive hair types. And besides, waking up with waves on your head is a fantastic method for staying ahead of the texture game.

People would say that thick hair is preferable to thin hair. On good hair days, your wavy hair is lovely and flowing, but properly handling it can be a nightmare. However, by experimenting with other glamorous hairstyles for wavy hair, you can easily expand your possibilities.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to improve your hairstyling skills. You can try braids or select from a variety of wavy bob hairstyles as well as other fashionable looks.

You will undoubtedly make a statement, regardless of your style. To know more about wavy hairstyles for long hair, keep reading! 

10 best wavy hairstyles – Check it out! 

Fishtail Braid 

Nothing is more timeless than wavy hairdos than braids, particularly this Pinterest-inspired variation that Greg as a professional hair stylist thinks will never be out of fashion.

This intricate, classy look is always in style, effortlessly catches attention, and looks great with long, wavy hair. Don’t be intimidated by the intricate plaits either; although they may seem challenging to execute, they are actually very easy hairstyles.

Black curls 

The hair has more definition thanks to the curly waves, which are a more accentuated edition of the regular waves. They look more graceful and are possible if the hair is curly by nature. The side part lightens the look and adds a feminine touch.

Fine hair wavy hairstyle for long hair 


When you want to transform fine hair into something breathtaking, all you need to do is add waves to it. Fine hair typically lacks volume.

To achieve the desired dimension, end up making them close and using hairspray to fix them. One common issue with fine hair is that curls never last long, necessitating the use of a strong fixing product.

Long wavy hair ponytail 

Long wavy hair can be used to create a variety of wavy hairstyles for long hair. So, if you’re going to a fancy party, event, or reception, you’ll need a hairstyle that complements and fulfills your outfit. Choose a high Dutch braid for the top to complement your wavy hair. Use a pomade for the edges, then attach the layers to your head and tie your tresses in a rich ponytail.

Vintage hairstyle for wavy hair

With this very legacy’ wave aesthetic, you can unleash your inner screen siren. This look is flattering on most face shapes. This look is best suited to medium to thick hair. This one-of-a-kind and adaptable complete spray shape describes and establishes any style. It also has a powerful, long-lasting hold without being stiff or soggy.

When looking good, you could also experiment with this look with a single massive barrel curler. This medium-length hair is great for a variety of looks and can give you an incredibly quick feminine appeal.

Shaggy wavy cut 

The shaggy cut has been popular among both millennials and Gen-Xers in recent years. It looks especially good on wavy hair.” In order to achieve a polished, flattering look, a shaggy cut successfully eliminates the volume and weight at the bottom with well-cut layers. 

In addition to its fashionable appearance, the layers can assist you in keeping your hair under control. If the hair is thick and thick, adding strands will help to remove some of the bulk.

Ashy hairstyle for short wavy hair 

If you’ve already decided on a haircut, you can begin to think about coloring. Consider experimenting with ash blonde or brown tones for a cool look. Showcasing, ombre, and balayage are all techniques for getting the desired results for your wavy hair.

Copper waves   

copper wavy hair

This style is both vibrant and elegant. This look’s ability to maintain a natural appearance despite the vibrancy of the copper is one of the things that people like best about it. Copper complements fair to medium skin tones well. Choose a deeper and richer copper tone for darker skin tones.

Medium-length hair complements the majority of face shapes. You can achieve these stylish hairstyles for short wavy hair with a straightening iron and Spray, which is a great look for day or night.

Keep up with a low bun.

We love a low bun because it keeps meddlesome flyaways away from your face, it’s an easy hairstyle to do, and it always looks polished. A low braided bun, on the other hand, is a glamorous and distinctive alternative to the vintage bun. It adds aesthetic to your tresses while remaining elegant and sophisticated.

Develop a middle partition, then cut the upper layer into three equal-sized parts and braid the lower layer of your hair.

Remove the bottom section of the hair and safeguard it with a hair elastic. Cover the length of your ponytail around the foundation to create a bun, and use bobby pins to secure the length of the plait all over your bun.

Messy bob 

This is a long, layered bob with motion and mouthfeel. When you have thick hair, this style works best with combined layers starting in the middle and going all the way to the ends. The strands are what keep the haircut’s shape attractive. A curling wand and a great texture spray for styling are necessary for this wavy bob. This style is meant to appear carefree, so don’t worry about curling each piece flawlessly. Also, don’t feel obligated to curl every single hair!


In conclusion, these hairstyles for wavy hair are just perfect, from sleek and smooth to tousled and textured. The 10 best hairstyles for wavy hair mentioned in this article provide a good starting point for those looking for inspiration to embrace their natural waves. 

Whether you opt for a classic bob, messy beach wave hair, or a sophisticated updo, the important thing is to choose a style that flatters your face shape, enhances your features, and allows you to express your personal style. With a little bit of experimentation, you’ll find the perfect hairstyle that suits you and your waves, and you’ll be ready to rock your hair with confidence.

For more information and to choose the perfect hairstyle, you can reach out to Greg Decker Hair – the Houston hair stylist. He will understand your requirements and offer you personalized results. 


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