4 Amazing Ways To Add Richness To Your Hair With Oxblood Shade!

Oxblood Hair Color

The color of autumn would undoubtedly be oxblood. This bright red color is quite a trending hair color this season. We are witnessing this color everywhere. 

It should come as no surprise that this red shade would look amazing on locks because it combines the intensity and vibrance of black hair with the depth of auburn and copper hair dye.

Oxblood is one of the most attractive, seductive, and intriguing reds seen currently. It’s neither maroon nor chocolate brown hair. So what is it? Burgundy-like in appearance, but with more purple and dark brown overtones. It is significantly simpler to match a variety of complexion tones because of its dark undertones.

If you’re ready to try on this rich autumn hair color style, keep scrolling as we list down 4 ways to level up your hair care regime with a mesmerizing oxblood hair dye.

Quick Knowledge 

Did you know that the color of oxblood is not the same as the color of oxblood?! The term “oxblood” refers to oxygenated blood, which becomes a deep dark color when exposed to the atmosphere.

Oxblood money piece trending hair color 

An oxblood money piece is a fantastic option to change your outfit for fall if you want to add a rich flash of color without going all out. For the ultimate monochromatic makeup look, we can’t help but daydream about pairing an oxblood money piece with complementary lipstick.

Use the appropriate bleach to lighten the base if you’re beginning with a dark base so that the oxblood color you’re going to add on top will show through. While not necessary, this step will ensure that your oxblood color is as vivid and striking as it can be.

Use the Shimmery Permanent Hair Color in Power Reds, either Deep Auburn or Red Velvet, to create the red splash of color.

Oxblood highlights 

Opting for oxblood highlights will allow you to explore the world of red trending hair color. If you only occasionally want to sport the look or don’t want to modify your base color, oxblood highlights are a reasonable match. Similar to a black cherry hair color style, the rich oxblood ribbons are a superb way to give your dark hair personality.

This look can be achieved using a burgundy-colored semi-permanent hair color, or you can swiftly transform your overgrown accents at your own home into oxblood hair highlights.

This semi-permanent hair dye idea can quickly fix the oxblood hair color because it lasts around 4 to 10 hair washes.

Platinum Blonde hair color look 

Platinum Blonde hair color look

Oxblood is a dark hair color that could not have the shine of hair colors like honey blonde and strawberry blonde hair color. But, the blend of a deep oxblood color with a platinum blonde skunk streak serves to outline your overall look while also adding an amazing standout color that gives you your desired look.

Cut off one to two inches of hair at the crown, on either side of your split, then bleach it to create the skunk stripes. You can dye the remainder of your strands by using the Permanent Hair Color style once you’ve separated the white skunk stripe.

To ensure a seamless hair dye idea implementation, don’t forget to abide by the instructions written in the box.

Use the Mask Solution on a piece of your bleached hair once a week to maintain your platinum dark blonde hair dye skunk stripe appearing ashy and vivid. In just five minutes, this conditioning mask moisturizes colorful, dry strands and cools brassy, warm colors.

Burgundy & chocolate brown hair 

It’s challenging to equal the depth, intensity, and brilliance that this vampy hue gives with all-over color, even though this is arguably the most straightforward alternative for oxblood hair color. If you want to make a dramatic statement with your vibrantly colored oxblood hair, this is the best choice for you.

Choose a darker shade of oxblood with deep burgundy undertones and chocolate brown hair ribbons for the complete look if you want to get this trending hair color. We appreciate this mahogany hair color style because of its sparkling, long-lasting color, and high-shine finish.

To sum it up! 

So, here we are at the end of the article. We have listed the top 4 Oxblood hair color ideas, that you can try to ace the overall look. Before committing to color, you should consult with your hairstylist first. 

The right hairstylist will analyze your face shape, hair condition, face style, and other things and will guide you accordingly to choose the right Oxblood shade for your hair. 

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