Everything You Should Know About Blonde Hair & How To Preserve It?

Blonde Hair and Preserve It


Are you looking to go blonde? It is the first time you are going blonde, and you are full of anxious arousal and blond envy. You have examined everything to get your dream look, and the nearest colorist for about all, and you are physically destined to lose your blonde virginity. Here is how to prep for your blonde reunion appropriately.

1. Analyze your hair condition

Take a serious look at your hair’s present state. Blonding is like getting your hair stripped bare. Your hairdresser will assist you in deciding if your locks are resistant to loss and corrosion. To make you confident that you are approaching the phase from a position of strength and wellbeing, you might need to get a fresh cut instead.

2. Select the tone

All Blonde’s hair processes are not precisely the same. It is precise, so you would need to work with your hairdresser to settle on the right color. Cooler shades usually match better with light skin, and darker tones suit brown skin, so you can let your expert hair lead you to the blonde, which could compliment your hair and skin brilliantly.

3. Consult with a hair colorist

Blonde hair treatment is a huge step, and since this is a partnership, you need to have a companion, you can believe. For bleached hair, balayage, highlights, and partial highlights, check those Instagram galleries & Pinterest pins and select a hairstylist whose experience stimulates you, then book an appointment to create an implementation plan together. Do not go along with the blond hair until you find your proper partner.

4. Good things take time

It may require a while to get the perfect blonde right. When you need more than one consultation to obtain the appearance you desire, do not be disappointed. Blonde hair care is high maintenance, so be ready for your colorist to devote some considerable time and effort.

Hair requires enough hydration.

Bleaching eliminates the hair, and the fiber is sensitized. The effect is a roughening up of the cuticle that, around time, will almost inevitably affect the appearance of your hair. Because of dryness, curly hair may get straighter at the edges, and straight hair gains more texture as the cuticles roughen up. To maintain dryness and monotony to a minimum, hydrating treatment is essential.

Proper after a hair-care routine is vital

After it has been lightened with bleach, we can not emphasize enough just how necessary it is to appropriately care for hair. Please plan to devote more time and money to regular hair treatment to ensure that the afterglow persists. 

Your stylist will help you give the appropriate right product procedure, but hydration and color correction are usually the main. With rejuvenating, neutralizing ingredients that maintain your hair healthy while your color remains calm and clear, delight your new hair.

Kerastase’s blonde hair range

1. Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo

kerastase bain ultra violet purple shampoo

source: kerastase-usa.com

In order to preserve cool blonde colors, it immediately suppresses brassy hair and a yellow undertone. It also illuminates blonde hair.

2. Cica Flash Conditioner

kerastase cicaflash conditioner

source: kerastase-usa.com

This conditioner profoundly hydrates hair strands and provides hair nourishment immediately. It provides smooth hair and protection against thinning hair.

3. Masque Ultra-Violet Purple Hair Mask

kerastase masque ultra violet hair mask

source: kerastase-usa.com

The hair mask highlights calm blonde hair treatment and counteracts brassy hair and perfect blonde hair with yellow undertones. The hair fiber is also profoundly nurtured.


For more information, consult with the hairstylist and get adequate information about the hair type and select the products accordingly.

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