Causes & Treatments of Hair Fall: From Roots to Remedies

causes and treatments of hair fall

Hair fall is a part of daily life. Sometimes, those stubborn fallouts clog up your shower drain or sometimes it turns your favorite carpet into a hairy rug. Don’t worry, hair loss is normal. However, if you are experiencing fallout’s more than it should be, then the time has come to sit up and take note. There are many causes of hair fall:

Hair fall from the roots

The natural hair cycle process is responsible for the loss of about 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. The hair gets detached from the scalp with time and finally falls out. So this is a natural process. However, if you are experiencing more than it should be, then there may be some other causes for your excessive hair fall. Hair fall has become a frequent concern for women in today’s date. There are many women who experience some degree of hair fall at least once in their lifetime. This can be linked to a number of different factors that make it much more difficult to identify a specific catalyst that is responsible for this.

Hair fall from breakage

Environmental factors like pollution and UV rays, external stressors, and heat damage at the most common causes of hair fall. This leads to hair breakage from the mid-shaft which results in a reduced number of strands and weaken hair. Even after breaking, the hair continues to grow from the bulb but daily exposer to external aggressors triggers the inflammation of the follicle. So this is bad news if you own dreams of having healthy strong hair. There are some other factors responsible for your hair fall such as your diet. If you follow a restricted diet, your hair does not get the desired amount of nutrients that it needs to thrive. So this can lead to hair breakage. Another reason is the excessive use of styling tools which cause dryness and weakens the hair shaft. Hair curlers and hair straighteners also cause immense damage to the quality of your hair. So this leads to an increased rate of breakage which causes the hair to fall.

Kerastase Genesis

The right way to care for you here is to have a proper hair care routine that contains a perfect formula for all of your hair concerns. First, you have to visit the salon to find out whether the Kerastase Genesis range is right for you. You need to have a patch test to know whether it is suitable for your scalp and your hair. Kerastase Genesis is a dual anti-fall haircare range.
It is called dual because Genesis addresses two main causes of the hair fall. Firstly the hair which falls due to stress on the hair fiber and the scalp and secondly the hair which falls from the mid-lengths due to breakage. It offers the ultimate solution to all these problems without compromising on care. It offers a solution for more fiber strength and more hair resilience which helps to reduce the hair fall due to breakage. It is made from a unique blend of renowned ingredients which helps to promote beautiful hair through your in-salon and also at home hair care ritual. The ingredients which are used in the Kerastase Genesis range include

Edelweiss native cells
Ginger root
Aminexil 1.5%

All of these ingredients are combined with some amount of Bergamot zest, cedar, lime, basil, and rose extract. This together forms a luxurious formula along with a signature fragrance that makes your hair look and smells beautiful.
So if you much stressed about your hair fall problems and dream of having perfect strands of beautiful hair, you should definitely try out these hair fall treatments.

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