Can I Use Purple Shampoo Every Day? Everything Explained!

use purple shampoo everyday

Purple shampoo is the MVP of your hair care regular practice if you have blonde or silver hair. It not only removes brassiness but integrating it into your regimen can also give you sunnier, healthier-looking hair.

With all of those advantages, you might wonder if you could use these brightly colored goods daily. So we’re here to dispel the myths surrounding the use of purple shampoo, face masks, and conditioning systems in your hair care ritual.

Purple shampoo is a godsend for anyone suffering from the frizziness that comes with loosened, gray, or silver hair.

So, in this article, we’ll inform you how frequently you should use the best purple shampoo to get something out of it.

But why Purple Shampoo? 

To comprehend why the colored item is essential for hair color upkeep, you must first understand the brassiness.

Brassiness refers to the undesirable yellow shades that appear in lightened layers, particularly blonde hair

UV radiation from the sun, chlorine, and mineral contaminants in water can all goof with your hair type and induce brassiness. That’s when the purple shampoo comes to your rescue. It cleans the layers and provides your hair with a cooler tonality.

But why the color purple? Consider the color chart: purple is precisely opposite to yellow, which means it will work to counterbalance and nullify yellowish tones that blondes do not want. Regular use of the bright-colored liquid will helps in keeping the brassiness at bay while also hydrating your hair color.

It’s a small step that can significantly impact the long run.

In conclusion, purple shampoo is an efficient way to remove brass, whether you have light dark hair or blonde shade. Make it a daily portion of your hair care regime to keep your hair color looking vibrant and cool.

How often should I use purple shampoo? 

Some people use purple shampoo every time they rinse their hair, while others use it only occasionally. Does this imply that either of these is incorrect? Not quite. The frequency with which you use purple shampoo is determined by your current hair color, type of hair, and the form of lightening your hair has undergone.

Whether you wash your hair daily or three times a week, easily substitute your regular shampoo and conditioner with the appropriate shampoo and conditioner to keep brassiness at bay.


If your long locks need some additional TLC, use the best purple shampoo and conditioner once a week at the end of your regular rinsing and conditioning regimen for the double intake of toning and fixing.

So, could you use purple shampoo on a daily basis? 

Ultimately, if you’re using our Everyday Clean Blonde shampoo, who said having a brass-free blonde hairstyle required a lot of maintenance?

How to choose the best purple shampoo? 

Here is a brief rundown of 3 different types of purple shampoos and when to use them as there are multiple other colorants and relative intensity when it comes to purple shampoos:

Highly-Pigmented Purple: 

For pre-toning or immediate tonal reserve, use an anti-yellow shampoo to counteract underpinning warm colors. Process for 5 mins, once daily for the highest tonal deposit and once or twice weekly for repairs.

Silver Toning For Light Foundations: 

For white hair that requires a delicate silver transition or light bases that would like to smack brass, select a shampoo that aims to optimize the pH level to 4.5, conserving and revitalizing cool tones. Process for 5 minutes, once or twice a week.

Optimizing yellow tones for the daily fix – 

Clients who require a daily light fix should use binding Shampoo, which aids in the maintenance of the in-salon blonde service and mitigates yellow tones without changing the color.

To wrap it up! 

So, we hope now you have understood everything about purple shampoo and whether you can use it every day or not. 

The final conclusion is – it all depends on your hair type and requirements. 

In this blog, we have covered different related questions to purple hair, which might help you choose the best purple shampoo that nourishes your hair. 

If you are looking for further discussion and would like to have a detailed consultation, then Greg Decker Hair will love to assist you.

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