7 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Color Ideas to Know in 2024!

Burgundy Hair Color

In 2024, the popularity of burgundy hair colors is expected to skyrocket. The fashion and beauty industries are taking notice of this color trend, which ranges from rich, vivid tones to deep, wine-inspired hues. 

Burgundy is a rich reddish-purple color that can transform your locks. It is the ideal color for a woman looking to make a statement or for someone who is looking for a subtle change, and there are many different looks you can try out thanks to its versatility. If you like to make a statement and have a bold hairstyle, go for bright burgundy or a stylish combo of this popular color and plum tones. 

To know more about this rich shade and different burgundy hair color ideas to choose the right one, keep reading! 

Beautiful Burgundy Hair Dye Ideas: Check out the Full List! 

Burgundy Red Hair

Burgundy Red Hair

Burgundy red hair is a huge hair trend right now for a reason: it looks amazing, makes a statement, and goes well with a variety of hair types and colors. Additionally, burgundy red color is a color linked to boldness and ambition. Choosing a deep burgundy red color can look very dramatic, and permanent and semi-permanent burgundy color hair dyes are available as well. 

Gorgeous Wavy Layers of Burgundy Hair

Gorgeous Wavy Layers of Burgundy Hair

If you have dark hair, think about giving your wavy layers a glossy burgundy hair dye. This shade is popular during the cooler months and looks great on pink, olive, or ebony-toned skin.

The burgundy color is a cool tone that requires frequent maintenance. Consult a professional about the best shampoo, conditioner, and other hair-care products for proper at-home care and a polished look.

Beautiful Blend of Deep Caramel and Burgundy

Blend of Deep Caramel and Burgundy

The best blends for women who enjoy experimenting with bright colors and don’t mind keeping colored hair are burgundy and deep caramel. The transition from dark to lighter hair is smooth and dimensional thanks to the tones of burgundy and caramel. However, any shade of red or burgundy fades faster than most other colors. If you want to maintain your recently colored appearance, plan on making more salon appointments.

Vibrant burgundy hair

Vibrant burgundy hair

It’s never been easier to stand out; all you need is vibrant burgundy hair color. Whether you have dark hair or are blonde, this color goes well with all hues and can be applied to your hair in a variety of ways. For a striking contrast and bold statement, you can either color your entire head or leave your roots natural. For someone looking for an alternative yet stylish hair color, this is a stunning look.

Black and burgundy hair

Black and burgundy hair

Burgundy and black hair is an excellent option if you enjoy playing around with color and have long hair. Burgundy looks more muted and natural when combined with darker hair as it blends more effectively. Add burgundy to the tips of your locks for an ombre hair color effect, or go for a few burgundy highlights throughout. This style is attractive, low-maintenance, and easier to pull off than some other color combinations. 

Dark and Rich Purple Burgundy Hair

Purple Burgundy Hair

If you want hair that looks as natural as possible without actually going natural, dark red violet locks are as close as you can get. Choose a shade with a faint purple undertone that accentuates your facial features and overall look. You can also consult with the best hair colorist who can help you choose the right hair color.

Burgundy brown hair color

Burgundy brown hair color

You might be hesitant to try burgundy hair color because it can seem like a drastic change. If so, then don’t worry you can go for a more muted look, like burgundy brown hair color. The deep reddish-purple color works incredibly well with brown hair and can produce soft lowlights. If you’re looking for a fun new look, this is the place to go. 

In summary

In conclusion, it is clear that burgundy hair color trends are here to stay in 2024 and will probably continue to dominate the beauty industry for some time to come. 

Furthermore, the adaptability of burgundy hair dye is evident in all of the stunning burgundy hair color ideas featured in this blog. It’s evident that this trend is about making a statement with one’s entire style, not just dying one’s hair. 

It’s hardly surprising that burgundy hair color has become a popular option for people seeking a trendy look, given its timeless appeal and variety of options to suit various skin tones. To get a beautiful look, you can consult with a professional hair colorist, who can help you with hair coloring – reach out to Greg Decker Hair. He is an expert Houston hairstylist with over 2 decades of experience and can help you achieve your desired burgundy shade and get the most out of it.

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