Elevate your brown hair with blonde highlights & more!


The best technique to give your brown hair sparkle and dimension is to add highlights. Highlighting your brown hair successfully depends on your choice of color and how you apply it. For as long as we can remember, brown hair and blonde highlights have proven to be one of the loveliest hair trends. 

The traditional brown and blonde hair ideas complement both reserved and outgoing personalities. 

There is no better time than the present to give your brown hair some beautiful, blonde highlights. Whether you want a beautifully blended look like tortoiseshell brown or an unexpected smokey ash blonde, you’ll discover the appropriate shade for you here!

Let’s get started. 

Check out the 8 best ideas to elevate your brown hair with blonde highlights! 

Traditional Highlights

Usually, when you think of brown hair and blonde highlights, this is what comes to mind. Simple blonde highlights that stand out thanks to the tonal contrast are mixed together. Despite the fact that the hair is still primarily brown, the blonde highlights are unquestionable, therefore they are effectively concealing the brown majority.

Ombre foliage

Another fantastic option for adding blonde highlights and brown hair is the ombré style. Typically, both in terms of hue and tone, the colors merge together over time. The dark brown hair transitions to golden highlights at the ends in this style, highlighting the noticeable shift. These hues were chosen to complement an autumnal palette.

Strong Blonde 

Even while highlights are frequently complementing, you might overdo them to give them a bolder look. In this instance, the blonde highlights frequently overpower the brown hair. Even though it is much more subdued, you continue to notice that the base hue is brown.

Brown hair with highlights of blonde and red

Blonde highlights on brown hair look great with streaks of other hues as well, which makes them even more appealing. For instance, one of the most alluring methods to add some warmth to your overall appearance is with brown hair that has red and blonde highlights.

Balayage in Brown and Blonde

Another option to get a brown-blonde gradient is to use the balayage coloring technique. With this cutting-edge technique, you can go from brown locks to stunning blonde locks without giving too much thought to the dye.

Honey Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Honey Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

One of the most popular hair colors for brunettes ever is tortoiseshell, which is a combination of chocolate brown, chestnut, caramel, and honey. Increasing the amount of honey blonde in the style results in an even more striking appearance.

Ashy Balayage with Cool Tone 

The term “cool-toned balayage” refers to a particular kind of balayage process that uses cold tones for dark Brown hair with blonde highlights, such as an icy blonde or an ashy brunette, to give the hair dimension. It is a particularly ideal choice for brunettes because dark brown hair seems to be on the cooler side.

Caramel highlights 

Caramel highlights are very lovely on dark brown hair when it comes to warm-toned strands. Golden hour can illuminate an amber tint with the magnificent richness and luminosity created by the rich ribbons of color that blend together. While a professional hairstylist can undoubtedly get your hair to this golden caramel shade in the salon, you can also get the caramel balayage version of this look at home with a DIY Highlighting kit as well.

Brown-haired blondes with waves

Highlights put along the natural curves of brown hair can be significantly accentuated by wavy hair. It makes an apparent distinction, and you don’t even need any special highlights to achieve this effect. 

Brownish-gold with blonde accents

Try a warmer tone like this golden blonde if you don’t like the bright or platinum blonde highlights. This style is divided into three color sections: dark brown on top, chestnut brown in the middle, and golden brown at the ends. It has a straightforward yet luxurious appearance.

To conclude 

In conclusion, adding blonde highlights to your brown hair can be a transformative and stunning way to elevate your look. We’ve explored ten fantastic highlighting ideas that cater to a variety of preferences and styles. Whether you prefer a subtle, sun-kissed effect with baby lights or you’re ready to make a bold statement with chunky blonde streaks, there’s a highlighting technique for everyone.

It’s important to remember that achieving the perfect brown hair and blonde highlights may require some maintenance, but the results are undeniably worth it. Regular touch-ups and proper hair care will keep your locks looking vibrant and healthy. 

If you are looking for the right colors and technique for blonde highlights and brown hair, then consult with a professional Houston hair stylist right away! If you are looking for one, reach out to Greg Decker Hair – which offers the best blonde hair coloring services to ensure you achieve the desired shade and tone that complements your skin tone and personality.

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