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A hair color scheme of dark hair with blonde highlights has lighter-colored ribbons or pieces of hair, which adds a ton of dimension and depth. Blonde highlights can be very distinctive with over 50 variations of blonde hair color ideas, varying from massive blonde on chestnut brown hair to mahogany…


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If you have wanted to switch up your look in 2022, consider getting some hair color to inspire you. Many people make resolutions and mindset adjustments after the new year, and if you’re prepared with something various in your living, try changing your hair color. Whether you choose to modify…


Can I Use Purple Shampoo Every Day? Everything Explained!

Purple shampoo is the MVP of your hair care regular practice if you have blonde or silver hair. It not only removes brassiness but integrating it into your regimen can also give you sunnier, healthier-looking hair. With all of those advantages, you might wonder if you could use these brightly…


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It’s easy to fall in love with balayage hair color, the flawlessly cool hair trend that’s taken over red carpets. Hand-painted outlines are used to achieve the look, which is popular because it offers the hair a sunkissed organic look while being much easier to maintain than conventional foil. Balayage…