Best Ways To Appropriately Maintain Your Lustrous Long Hair

Best ways to appropriately maintain your lustrous long hair


Every woman needs long, glamorous hair at a particular time in her life. The one that travels with you in that downward direction to and through your shoulders. A contemporary mermaid’s hair, equipped with feminine strength and mesmerizing secrets.

Problems with long hair

It just seems that you run into difficulties if you want to develop your hair out of it. Harm, breakdown, dryness, and blandness are part and parcel of long hair. It probably spends more time in the world, subjected to toxic contaminants, grooming, and chemical pressures, as hair keeps growing.

When the target hair length reaches, the hair starts to appear not at its finest. You are afraid to ask the stylist to cut a little bit more than you’d have preferred. You convince yourself it is for your hair’s protection. It seems like it is still one step up and two steps down. You never really meet the increased hair length.

The solution to the problem

We are mindful of the complexities of the development process. We recognize that determination and commitment are needed, a full regimen that generates the strength and stiffness that hair wants to go the extra step. To get the results you desire, you need to have the right set of tools, the best hair salon and useful long hair care tips.

Extentioniste is a modern product family that focuses on maintaining every strand reliable and secure, so that hair can develop as long as you want, all the while appearing shiny and flawless. No more too-generous trims and models that are a-little-too-short.

To kickstart your looooong hair preparation program with Protocole Extentioniste, a lift to your hair ambitions, visit your stylist instantly or you can also check out stylists for long hair care and tips. To hold you on board between appointments, the stylist may even suggest at-home hair prep.

Extentioniste’s long hair care regimen.

1. Shampoo



Bain Extentioniste Shampoo promotes suitable lengths of hair by improving the hair fiber’s inner structure. It also defends hair fiber from potential oppressors and facilitates the preservation of elasticity and moisture, improving hair. It has beneficial effects on the hair, providing a scalp that is preserved and healthy.

2. Conditioner



This Fondant Extentioniste Conditioner promotes hair length and also easily detangles hair with its nutritional components. It penetrates the hair fiber to stabilize and secure cuticles from the roots to the edges with a uniform coating, which will seal the split ends and saves you from frequently getting your hairs trimmed.

3. Hair serum

kerastase hair serum


This Extentioniste Scalp & Hair Serum delivers a calming feel for the itchy scalp and supplies healthy hair with vital nutrients. Everything you should be doing, depending on the hair’s conditions, is applied Sérum Extentioniste straight to the scalp on purified, dry hair. As you progress through every portion, pursue the pipette with your fingertips to manipulate the formula into the roots and skin. Keep it on, and try to blow dry.

4. Hair Mask

kerastase hair mask


A hair mask from Kerastase not only increases your hair length but also repairs your hair and nourishes it thoroughly. Divide hair into segments that should be added. To achieve an even treatment, run a wide-tooth brush through the hair. Then add a Masque Extentioniste hair mask fourth size to damp hair, starting from mid-length to ends. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then thoroughly rinse.

Wrapping up

If you are dealing with split ends, breakage, and many more lengthy hair-related problems, follow the routine of Extentioniste and also consult with a stylist for your hair-related problems, which aims at origins, heights, and finishes.

It strengthens the scalp, then softly disengages lengths while tightening and eventually securing hair ends that are as complete and effective at the tips as they are at the core. Wrap up with the thermal, and with less breakage, the hair is reinforced. So, don’t wait much for beautiful long hair, avail your kit soon.

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