5 Easy & Quick Tips For Styling Your Overgrown Hair!

 styling your overgrown hair

We’ve all been liable for ditching a haircut or two in an effort to encourage our hair to grow more quickly. But unfortunately, dealing with overgrown hair is extremely difficult, regardless of whether you want longer hair or can’t get a salon appointment.

Canceling haircuts, on the other hand, can make your strands appear frizzy and affected, with hair thinning and split ends. The worst part is that it may even prevent hair growth.

Therefore, you can put your hairstyling skills to work while you stand in line for your coming-up salon appointment and cover-up overgrown hair. For our top styling overgrown bangs suggestions, keep reading.

In this blog, we will list some amazing hairstyles for overgrown bangs that reduce your frustration of dealing with long hair. 

Voluminous tousle to drift the attention. 

A voluminous tousle is the first, and arguably the simplest, hairstyle for overgrown hair. In contrast to bringing attention to the hair roots, this will certainly assist in concealing it, which is precisely what you want, right? 

Using different textures helps to avoid visible roots. Curly textures broaden the hair and add volume, which aids in camouflage.

 So, as we suggested, avoid super plain styles or something slicked back, as this will draw attention to the area.

Just cover it – in any way possible! 

It’s extremely inconvenient when your overgrown bangs are in the in-between phase, where they haven’t grown out but are also not too short. The actual problems start when they get into your eyes. The solution is straightforward: Put them away from your eyes with headbands or other hair accessories.

If you do not like your overgrown bangs, you could either iron them or tong them. In addition, you can choose a narrow hair straightener to make them easier to use. They will not only look tidier, but they’ll also look longer and blend in more conveniently with your natural hair.

Updo is something you can easily pull off! 

Styling Long Hair

If your head is looking too long and you want to hide uncombed edges, one of the simplest methods to do that is to put it up in an updo. An updo will hide your flustered ends while also attempting to prevent breaking and unequal length at a distance. 

It’s entirely up to you whether you go for a loose bun or something a little more sophisticated. However, ensure that your ultimate goal of concealing your overgrown bangs and keeping you confident is met.

Make braids your go-to hairstyle for overgrown bangs.

If you’re feeling daring and have the time to spice up the situation, try out some braids that can keep your hair out of your face while also giving the appearance of being more energetic and fun.

Braids are a quick and simple hairstyle to throw together that is one of the best choices for second-day hair. Even though they might require some practice, once you master the technique, they become part of the routine and your go-to hairstyle.

Just curl it! 

One other way to cover up the fact that you need a haircut is to curl your hair with a styling product, which gives you a more finished look while shortening your hair.

Curls are the solution if you have a special occasion, are going out in the city, or merely want to keep your hair down without people recognizing that your long locks need a cut. Your strands will look wavy and dressed up rather than dead and straggly.

It will enhance your overall appearance and make you appear more sophisticated and classy.


While overgrown hairs may appear to have many disadvantages, they can also be fashionable if you know how to wear them.

“We understand that to adopt anything innovative, you must apply the same standards that apply to most things in this life, and you should keep in mind that self-confidence is essential.”

If you need further evidence that roots can be stylish, consider how many celebrities have recently adopted the overgrown look. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of ways to rock your overgrown hair.

And if you are looking for a professional hair stylist for some amazing tips as per your hair type, then Greg Decker would love to assist you. 

So, keep styling overgrown bangs and look stylish.

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