1980 Hairstyles For Women That Are Making A Statement Even In 2023!

1980 Hairstyles

The 1980s: what’s not to love in this era? That was a time to rock and roll all night, live on a prayer, and cut free. The era is known for its dramatic beauty looks, especially the large, bold, and unquestionably hip ’80s hairstyles.

These ’80s haircuts are making a comeback, larger and better than before, like all good things do. Undoubtedly, influences from the 1980s are returning. 

Both from youth culture and well-known designers, these influences are leaking up and down. Big hair rules on TikTok and a glance at well-known streaming dramas like Stranger Things reveal how prevalent these references are in young people’s media. 

To know more about reinventing the 80s hairstyles in 2023, keep reading the blog. We will be listing the top 10 best hairstyles in the 80s and even beyond. Let’s get started. 

Let’s get started. 

80s Hairstyles Reinvented in 2023: 6 Best Explained!  

Classic Modern Mullets 

Every ’80s hottie had to have the famous mullet, and amazingly enough, it has weathered the test of time. 

Modern mullets are a little more blended and deliberate than mullets from the 1980s, which had a tendency to be extremely short on top and considerably longer in the back. “With the squared mullet shape, we’re seeing come back with a new and structured balance. 

Contemporary hairstyles for women suit a wide range of hair textures and lengths. It’s been seen on celebs such as Scarlett Johansson and Zendaya. 


Perms were the norm in the 1980s, not the exception. Icons from the 1980s like Cher, Dolly Parton, and Brook Shields set the standard with ultra-fussy poodle perms. Fuzzy curls are out of style, but the curly-all-over permed trend is making a comeback today.

“Today’s perms don’t give the hair the same appearance of being extremely dry, parched, and thirsty. That’s primarily because we use better products now to style curls. 

For all-over corkscrew curls, we can use a tiny barrel curling iron or heatless hair curlers designed for corkscrew or spiral curls. Pull your curls apart once they’re set for more body. 

High 1980s bangs

Another timeless 80s hairstyle that became more sophisticated in the 21st century is the high 1980s bangs. All hair types and lengths can easily pull off this quick and simple look—unless, of course, you have baby bangs, which are not long enough to wear upwept. 

Three essential items in this 1980s hairstyle for short hair are a large circular brush, a hair dryer featuring an airflow-directing nozzle, and an abundance of touchable-hold hairspray. Wrap damp bangs around the barrel of the brush and blow dry, beginning at the roots and working your way to the tips. 

Use your fingers to gently tousle, then use spray to set. You can even reach out to a professional hairstylist Greg Decker to help you out with 1980s bangs. 

Blowouts in the 80s style!

Blowouts in the 80s style

Just like they are today, power suits and windblown blowouts were commonplace in the 1980s. Creating an openness that sits squarely at the top of your head—a la cotton candy—is the key to pulling off this style. Flip your head forward and blow dry, pushing up at the roots to achieve the effect. 

Apply a volumizer to your scalp and then raise your head to achieve more height. Run a pomade through your hair starting at your hairline and working your way back to the top of your head for a modern take on the vintage look.

Half ponytail

Pop artists aren’t the only ones who are obsessed with the half ponytail. With the help of clip-in extensions, this classic look has been revamped to produce a mermaid-like waterfall of hair down the back. 

For a romantic evening, we suggest giving this a try. Just make sure the ponytail part rests as high on your crown as feasible. Whether you’re wearing it for a professional meeting or a date night, this timeless hairdo will help you stand out. 


When it comes to accessories that can cover up terrible hair days, we have never encountered one that we didn’t enjoy. It’s quite usual to have a bad hair day. If you’re not washing your hair, quickly put your hair up in a ponytail or bun by tying a folded bandana around your hairline. 

Nobody will suspect you didn’t have time to shampoo your hair. This 80s classic haircut for short & long hair allows you to hide your terrible hair in style while still standing out from the crowd. 

To Conclude 

Here’s wrapping up the 6 best 1980 hairstyles for women to add that 80s effect in a sophisticated way in 2023. We hope you have loved the above-mentioned 1980s hairstyles for women and will make a statement with the right ones. 

Every style has its own essence, suitable for different face shapes, hair types, lengths, occasions, and other things around. So, make sure you choose the right one as per the needs to get the best look. 

If you are looking for professional guidance in choosing the right one, you can reach out to an experienced Houston hairstylist who can assist you better with hair styling and hair care tips. For more information, you can schedule a consultation call here!

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